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2 Day Workshop

The extra time in this workshop allows us to photograph some of Arran's hidden gems.

Starts with an informal introductory chat where we go through the basic camera settings and some principles of composition, RAW vs Jpeg and why we want to shoot in RAW, the differences and similarities between digital cameras, film cameras and of course our own stereoscopic amazing high resolution cameras, our eyes, linked to the most amazing image processing computer available - our brain!

 We head out on location for the afternoon with our packed lunch, supplied. Depending on the time of year we may take a woodland walk or maybe visit one of Arran's many beaches. It's amazing just how much there is to photograph on a seemingly 'empty' beach!

The next morning is an early start for a sunrise shoot where the quality of the light is explored and long exposures with a tripod are utilised. As the day develops we may explore another location en route back to Blackwaterfoot where we upload the images onto the computer where I demonstrate the principles of digital processing and workflow. Participants images are critiqued and selected ones are edited using proprietary editing software.

The images we process are saved on your memory card so you can see the processes used to obtain each finished image.


Straight from camera                               


  • One to One        £320

  • 2 participants    £180 each

  • 3 participants    £130 each