I can photograph your artwork or sculptures, individually process the images to ensure accurate reproduction showing the detail and vibrancy of the original.

I offer two options for photographing your artwork, choose which one suits your needs.

  1. One time up front payment. £25 for one image, £15 for additional images photographed at the same time. High resolution digital file sent by email or large file transfer. Leaves you free to order your products from whoever you choose.

  2. Pay per print - ideal for smaller print runs. There is no charge for photographing your artwork. The image is available to view on an online personal gallery. If you wish to order prints, postcards, greetings cards etc they are ordered using the online ordering process on my website or directly from me.

Photographic prints are available in sizes from 5" x 7" to 40" x 40"

Giclee prints srom 12" x 10" to 60" x 40" on a variety of papers

Postcards and greetings cards in various sizes.