Marvins BoatMarvins BoatAn old clinker built rowing boat lying on the shore at Corrie Blackwaterfoot beachBlackwaterfoot beach Blustery MorningBlustery MorningHoly Isle from Largymore, Whiting Bay Brodick BayBrodick Bay Dusk, KildonanDusk, KildonanThe lights of Pladda lighthouse shine in the dusk light off Kildonan, Isle of Arran Fallen GoldFallen Gold Follow the LinesFollow the Lines

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Whether you are visiting Arran for a holiday and are looking for something to do or would like to make a special trip to photograph this most beautiful part of Scotland, why not book a workshop and discover some of my favourite photographic locations on Arran and an insight into my own way of capturing them through a lens.

I offer the following workshops:

but I am also happy to structure a workshop to your requirements

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The aim of my workshops is twofold. Firstly to explain the principles of digital photography and how it relates to landscape photography in particular and secondly to show fellow photographers some of the inspirational and beautiful locations on Arran from which they can create beautiful images.

Many of these locations involve a short or medium walk to reach but many are right by the roadside - less walking means more time taking photographs. Of course if a group wishes I am happy to accompany them on any of Arran’s longer walks, the views from Arran’s hills can be breathtaking.

Set workshops are held in the springtime and autumn. At these times of year, the light is better as the sun is lower in the sky, colours are more interesting with blossom and autumnal colours and of course, the golden hours - dawn and dusk are at a more sociable hour.

The elements of a workshop involve the following:

  • Initial setup of the camera, principals of digital photography, composition

  • Shooting on location, use of filters, long exposures

  • Processing, the 'digital darkroom'. Use of Lightroom and Photoshop - (although I use this software the same principles apply when using Aperture, Elements, Paintshop etc). Critique of participants images