• For all levels of expertise,  Elementary to advanced
  • One-to-one or small groups
  • Introduction to digital cameras
  • Great choice of shooting locations
  • Camera craft, - what do all those other buttons do?
  • Composition, what to include. Get a better angle on framing your picture.
  • Lighting - Flash techniques. How to get the best from ambient light
  • Post processing. - why is processing important?
  • Raw vs Jpeg. Make those images pop.


Why not book a one-to-one session to brush up on your camera or processing skills? A two hour session is only £50.

Coming Soon

Photo-tours on Arran

  • Discover my favourite locations through the lens
  • Dreamy seascapesSunset/Sunrise shots, hills and waterfalls
  • The art of digital processing and workflow



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