Your Shoot

When you Arrive 

It's natural to be a bit nervous if you're not in the habit of being photographed in your underwear so together with my assisant and wife Nikki we sit down and have a chat about your costumes and what sort of images and poses you would like, maybe look at some other photographs.


What to Bring

How do you want you pictures to look? For that classy Boudoir feel, stockings have that timeless Hollywood starlet look, with a corset, bustier or basque. Alternatively, this is a chance to show off your sexiest undies or unleash some of your fantasies. Nice or Naughty, feather boas, whips, handcuffs, veiled hats, PVC even, we have a few trappings on hand to use but your imagination is the limit. 

Do bring your highest heels though!


Does my bum look big?

No it will look fabulous. With carefully crafted lighting, subtle direction and flattering poses and camera angles even someone who considers themselves unphotogenic will be amazed at how they can look in a photograph. Nikki is always present to sort that errant strand of hair or item of clothing and add the creative woman's touch where needed.

Also if you're unfortunate enough to develop a pimple that morning don't worry, a bit of digital makeup can work wonders!